This chilled coffee drink is part of the Chilled Classics range from Starbucks, available from ASDA, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

It’s a fairly new arrival, so there are offers to be had if you check Trolley
Starbucks Skinny Latte Lactose Free Flavoured Milk Iced Coffee (220ml) – Compare Prices –

The Husband does enjoy a latte, and I have bought them for him before, from Iceland (currently 3 for £3 to 31/10/22). Iceland delivered some on Monday 05/09/22.

For whatever reason of his own and although I had bought them for him before, he didn’t store the lattes (which arrived chilled) in the fridge.

I tried one three days after arrival, to write this review. At first, when I realised that the latte wasn’t chilled, I panicked about the fridge, thinking it had gone wrong. Then, he confessed.

Unchilled, it just tastes like a cold and rather ordinary, bitter mocha coffee.

Made with 75% 1.1% fat milk and 24.8% Starbucks 100% certified Arabica coffee, the latte contains potassium carbonate as an acidity regulator. Other ingredients in the latte are carrageenan and gellan gum as stabilisers, sweetener Acesulfame K and lactase enzyme.

There are 4g carbs per 100ml and 220ml per latte so it’s not a really carby coffee, compared to some.

This is really for latte lovers who want to lower their carbs, or the lactose intolerant. It means that the coffee drinker can blend in with others.

I can’t recommend it, because the latte wasn’t chilled. My spouse loves them however. More arrived today (16/09/22) so I may do another taste test, soon. When stored correctly, they have quite a long fridge Best Before date.

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