Godiva was the name of a chocolaterie opened n the Grand Place, in Brussels by the Draps family, in 1926. Godiva was purchased from the Draps family, by the Campbell Soup Company in 1967. A Turkish company bought Godiva in 2007 and a South Korean equity group took a slice of it, in 2018.

Godiva has 650 stores worldwide and makes chocolate in Brussels, Reading (Pennsylvania) and Turkey. There’s a chocolate research centre in Brussels, named after the Draps family and a café, opened in 2018.

In Britain, there are two shops in London, one in Covent Garden and one in Oxford Street. Harrods sells Godiva chocolates in its’ food hall and has hosted a Café Godiva since May 2012.

You won’t find the 80g 8 mini bar packs on the Godiva UK website, but it is still selling 90g bars of the 90% cocoa chocolate for 2.25 each. Godiva UK offers a 15% discount on first orders. 90% Dark Chocolate Tablet, 90g – Godiva UK (godivachocolates.co.uk)

On 17/09/22 Motatos | Shop food online – Sustainable and Affordable had more than 100 of the 8 mini bar packs in stock, which it is selling for 2 for 3.30 while stocks last.

The 8 mini bars are handy for low carbers, as you can have a small hit of chocolate with a coffee, for example. Carbs are 14g per 100g. The total for all eight bars is 80g, making each bar 10g of chocolate. I’m presuming that each 10g bar, has only 1.4g of carbs therefore.

Sugar is 9.6g of the 14g per 100g, but the chocolate doesn’t taste overly sweet. It has a distinctive and dark taste to it, but compared to Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa chocolate bars, it seems of a lesser quality, somehow. Taste is subjective however and many people may prefer the Godiva.

If you like the mini-portion approach, Aldi has Moser Roth chocolate
Moser Roth 85% Cocoa Chocolate Bars 5x25g | ALDI

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