Here in the UK. the price of organic food is insane at the moment. However, to save money there are little tricks you can try.

First, is to use Trolley www.trolleyco.uk to hunt out bargains.

#2 is to check out veg boxes if you can get them locally. Milk & More www.mlkandmore.co.uk does free delivery three times per week, before 07:00 and there’s no minimum order. The premium organic veg box costs £16.50 and for that, you get eight different types of veg. Work out the cost of eight organic veggie types plus delivery at your regular supermarket, as you could save money. Riverford www.riverford.co.uk also has veg boxes with free delivery and a minimum order of £15.

Supermarkets adjust their prices seemingly daily. However, if you come across a supermarket (or more likely, delivery service) which doesn’t, you can reap some savings. As at 17/01/23, Netherend Farm organic butter is over 20p cheaper for 250g at Milk & More, than own-brand organic butter at Waitrose. Netherend Farm butter is a better butter too IMO. So that’s tip #3, compare regular prices.

Other things to watch out for..

Check ingredients because manufacturers and supermarkets are adding things like potato starch and wheat flour to bulk up products eg previously 100% beef burgers without fillers or additives can change suddenly.

Wild Alaskan salmon is disappearing from British supermarkets. Waitrose still sells it but Tesco, ASDA, Iceland, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons don’t have any. ALL salmon sold by these supermarkets is farmed, in some instances, in China. Atlantic salmon is the breed of fish, it doesn’t mean that it was trawled in the Atlantic.

Shrinkflation is the British term for weight reduction on products while producers retain the original price.

If you spot an offer and can freeze it, DO. Sometimes an offer is there to clear stock before a new price point, new (worse) recipe or shrinkflation.

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