Earlier this week, The Husband visited the nearest McDomalds drive=thru for the first time. We wanted to fimd out whether we could get a gluten free low carb meal.

The grilled chicken and bacon salad is, indeed, gluten free. If you count calories, it has just 164. Carbs are 6.5g per portion, of which 4.1g iis sugar. We assume that the sugar comes from the 30g portion of balsamic dressing, but we didn’t have this.

Ingredients are lettuce, cucumber. tomato, ted onion, Beechwood smoked bacon and grilled chicken.

The lettuce was more interesting than iceberg, being a mix of frisee and mache. There was just too much of it, over 1/3rd of the container.

The cucumber smelled lovely, but wasn’t as flavourful as it smelled.

My salad had a couple of thin slices of huge beefsteak tomatoes, which seemed somewhat dried out and tasteless.

The sweet red onion was really nice and I wished that there had been more of it.

The bacon was flabby and all the bacon rind and fat had been cut from the edges, making the rashers thin and unappealing. Not as salty as I had expected.

The grilled chicken was moist but devoid of flavour and any hint that it had been grilled.

The salads weren’t exactly filling or flavourful. They were low carb though and gluten free. Cost was under £20.

The Husband was inspired to do better so his version will be posted soon.

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