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V8 vegetable juice has no added sugar and no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. One 150ml glass is one of your five a day portions of vegetables.

V8 vegetable juice is available from Amazon, ASDA, Budgens,The Co-Operative, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. Average price for 1 litre (29/04/23,Trolley) is 2.90 GBP.

The vegetable juice is a blend of eight vegetables: tomatoes (89%), beetroot, celery, parsley, spinach, iceberg lettuce and cress.

150ml of V8 contains 4.3g of carbs, (of which sugars are 4.2g),1.4g of fibre, 0.80g salt, 0.1g fat, 26 calories, 1.4g protein.

V8 can be drunk hot and used in alcoholic cocktails and in recipes V8 Recipes | Recipes Using V8 Juice | V8 UK

V8 Vegetable Juice was developed in 1947, by Frank Constable, a contractor for W G Peacock (1896-1948). Peacock’s company, New England Products Company, had been manufacturing vegetable juices under the Vege-min brand, since 1933.

Constable named the new formulation V8, after the most powerful engine of the day.

In 1948, Campbell’s Soup Company purchased the brand from the Charles Loudon Packing Company of Terre Haute, Indiana. Campbell’s has continued to produce V8 Vegetable Juice for more than seventy years. V8 itself is over 90 years old.

Campbell’s makes fruit and vegetable juices in the USA and in Australia. They contain high fructose corn syrup and sucralose. The range is not currently available in the UK.

glass of alcoholic cocktail with tomato juice and lemon
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