Maison Keto is brought to you by Théroigne S B G  Russell, creator of (now defunct) Remainer websites RemainerAction and Celebrate Europe, as well as European Twinning – which barely got started, before Covid-19 struck.

Maison Keto will have content on food. There will be links to website resources of all kinds be they studies or videos or recipes.. It will have guest contributors, as well.

Théroigne passed a professional keto nutritionist course certified by the Institute of Practitioners in Holisic Medicine in October 2021. She’s a college-trained former chef with a City & Guilds certificate, is an Associate Member of the Craft Guild of Chefs and has passed numerous nutrition courses online, certified by the universities of Aberdeen, Aarhus, Reading and Stanford, as well as EIT Food. Currently she holds a Food Safety in Catering certificate from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and has completed Food Allergy and Intolerance training with the Food Standards Agency. In 2022, she passed an online NCFE course on nutrition, with Wiltshire College.